Finnish Animation Guild


  • Founded in 1998 Finnish Animation Guild is only national association for Finnish animation professionals. We have 165 members at the moment.
  • Our main goal is to gather all people working in animation field together, support our members’ professional identity and skills as well as their status in the society.
  • We improve animation industry’s operating conditions together with other associations as well as animation schools.
  • We support animation’s status as independent art form and increase general knowledge towards animation industry in Finland.
  • We are an association member of international animation organization ASIFA.
  • Within our work we maintain sustainable development and vitality of Finnish animation and it’s authors.



Finnish Animation Guild, together with Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Central Library Oodi opens an open call for animations for Ääreen – documentary animation month in Oodi.We are looking for short animation loops. All the selected animation will be combined to one solid animation which will be projected to the wall of Central Library Oodi's 1st floor cafeteria. The animation will be visible whole month in October. We encourage for insightful pieces which will reflect the diversity of animation art…


Finnish Animation Guilds announce logo animation competition! Animate our new logo and you can win money prize! Create a short proposal for an animation which Finnish Animation Guild could use in the future for it's site, sosial media and other official communications. We are looking for proposals, so your animation doesn't have to be final. Style and technique is free. It can be an anime style vibrant animation, an artistic experiment or homage for Music Television's iconic logo. Be creative!…


Finnish Animation Guild has a great pleasure and honor to have a legendary animation director and animator, John Pomeroy as a guest for a online Masterclass.John Pomeroy is an American animator with outstanding career. He has worked for several major studios, including Walt Disney Animation Studios and Sullivan Bluth Studios. He has also worked as storyboard artist, producer, and screenwriter on several animated feature films such as Pocahontas, Atlantis; The Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, The Simpsons Movie, Klaus and many…


What it's to be a doplhin? Ääreen. Documentary in animation - project will bring interactive documentary animation to Central Library Oodi's Kuutio premise. Jury has chosen a project called "In another's skin. Bio sonar - How it is to swim with dolphins?" by Leena Pulkki and Karoliina Paappa. ”Our proposal Bio sonar discourse about dolphins and their echolocation. Our project's aim is to translate dolphins' under water world to the form understandable by humans and to offer immersive art experience…


Kaisa Penttilä n uusin lyhytanimaatio Maihinnousu palkittiin Erikoismaininnalla Supertoon Animaatiofestivaaleilla Kroatiassa. Paljon Onnea Kaisa!And finally, we have the names of winning films in the Grandtoon and Studentoon categories. Jury members Alexis Hunot, Lucija Bužančić and Žarko Ivanov rewarded the following films. Sincere congratulations to all! 🖤🤍> GRANDTOON — Animated Short Films <🌞🌞🌞WINNER - The Raft by Marko Meštrović🌞🌞JURY SPECIAL MENTION: The Stork by Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov 🌞SPECIAL MENTION by Žarko Ivanov: The Landing by Kaisa Pentilla🌞SPECIAL MENTION by Lucija Bužančić: Anna, cat-and-mouse by Varya Yakovleva🌞SPECIAL MENTION by Alexis Hunot: The Hangman at home by Michelle & Uri Kranot > STUDENTOON — Animated Student Films < 🌞🌞🌞WINNER Any Instant Whatever by Michelle Brand🌞🌞JURY SPECIAL MENTION: Holz Maria by Dorotea Radušić🌞SPECIAL MENTION by Žarko Ivanov: Nestor by Joao Gonzalez 🌞SPECIAL MENTION by Lucija Bužančić: Night Session by Petre Tomadze 🌞SPECIAL MENTION by Alexis Hunot: Enducated by Hsin Yu Chen ...
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Animaatiokillan kesäpiknik tänään klo 17 alkaen Töölönlahden puistossa. Tervetuloa kaikki jäsenet ja tulevat jäsenet! :) ...
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