Finnish Animation Guild


  • Founded in 1998 Finnish Animation Guild is only national association for Finnish animation professionals. We have 170 members at the moment.
  • Our main goal is to gather all people working in animation field together, support our members’ professional identity and skills as well as their status in the society.
  • We improve animation industry’s operating conditions together with other associations as well as animation schools.
  • We support animation’s status as independent art form and increase general knowledge towards animation industry in Finland.
  • We are an association member of international animation organization ASIFA.
  • Within our work we maintain sustainable development and vitality of Finnish animation and it’s authors.


ÄÄREEN – Documentary in Animation Masterclasses

Ääreen-project introduces four outstanding, international new media art professionals. These experts artists push technological boundaries to create deeply meaningful, immersive art works. Join the masterclasses in January: Mon 18.1. at 13-15 Hanna Haaslahti: Immersive ArtWed 20.1. at 13-15 Jaakko Kemppainen: Games Reflecting Reality Mon 25.1. at 14.15-16 Ramsey Nasser (USA): MasterclassTue 26.1. at 9-10:30 Uri Kranot (Denmark): Anidox Masterclass Each masterclass is limited for 50 persons. Register here. Masterclasses are in English. The length of the talks are 90 minutes, followed…

ÄÄREEN. Selection results.

Ääreen. Documentary in animation -project got delightful amount of project proposals during the open call. From these very high quality applications jury selected following four proposals/groups for the next phase: Unski Immonen and Väinö Makkonen - Metsäkansa (working title)Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa - Toisen NahoissaHarold Hejazi - Adventures of HarriHarriTatu Pohjavirta, Eino Santanen and Pekka Uronen - Luonto Jury was formed by artist Maija Blåfield, animation director Kari Juusonen, media artist Marko Tandefelt sekä special librarian Sanna Huttunen from…

Board member news

Finnish Animation Guilds yearly convention was held on 30.10. Due the current pandemic restrictions the meeting was held in Finnish Animation Guild Discord server. In the convention organizations action plan and budgetary estimate was confirmed. Participant fee was agreed to remain same, 20 euro / year. New board was also selected. Long term board member and former vice chair, Albert Laine was selected for Finnish Animation Guilds chair person for year 2021. Former chair, Elina Myllykangas will continue as board…

Reminiscing Annecy

While we are in the middle of these exceptional times, it’s nice to sit down and look back to last summer and wonderful times in Annecy. Finnish Animation Guild was represented in Annecy International Animation Film Festival ja The International Animation Film Market by our chair Elina Myllykangas. The event took place in France in 10.-15.6.2019. The festival and the MIFA professional event is one of worlds largest and most important evet in animation field. Thousands of animation professionals as…


Tänään Yle Teemalla klo 23.55 Emma Louhivuoren palkittu, viiden tähden animaatio Hänen Päänsä. Nähtävissä myös Areenassa. ...
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Animaatio-ohjaaja ja sarjakuvataiteilija Ami Lindholmin uusin sarjakuva valloittaa nyt Helsingin Sanomat!Ta-daa! Tervetuloa seuraamaan Sankariperhe-sarjakuvaa! Sankariperhe on HS Meidän perhe uusi sarjakuva, joka kertoo lapsiperheen arjesta ja väsyneistä vanhemmista 😍😍😍Ihan huippua!! ...
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