• 01/06/2021

Finnish Animation Guild, together with Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Central Library Oodi opens an open call for animations for Ääreen – documentary animation month in Oodi.

We are looking for short animation loops. All the selected animation will be combined to one solid animation which will be projected to the wall of Central Library Oodi’s 1st floor cafeteria. The animation will be visible whole month in October. We encourage for insightful pieces which will reflect the diversity of animation art and bring joy for the audience. The piece does not have to be new, but we emphasize animations which haven’t been yet widely seen.

The technique for the animation is not limited. There can’t be any sound in the animation.

The animation should be suitable for open space and therefore it can’t have any violence or phonographic imagery and it should not violete human rights.

Technical requirements

– Resolution fullHD (1920×1080)
– QuickTime- videofile
– Codec: H.264/AVCHD
– Container: mov.

The call is open until August 15th. Final animation will be selected in the beginning of September.
Fill up the form and send your proposal rfom here

Ääreen is an art project that combines documentary with immersive animation. It will be conducted at Oodi Central Library in Helsinki 2021 The project will bring interactive documentary animation to Oodi’s Kuutio premise and also fresh national and international animation art will be presented,
The Ääreen project has started on 2020 and in March Jury choose among 5 proposals a project called “In another’s skin. Bio sonar – How it is to swim with dolphins?” by Leena Pulkki and Karoliina Paappa. The project’s aim is to translate dolphins’ under water world to the form understandable by humans and to offer immersive art experience which increases empathy. In October there will be artist talks, masterclasses and animation screenings in Oodi and Kinor Regina. Part of the program will be at Central Library Oodi and part of the program will be held online.

Among the Finnish Animation Guild’s exhibition animations of Aalto University’s students will be screened on the walls of Oodi. There will be also animation workshops for children.

The project is a joint effort by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Oodi Central Library, Artists’ Association MUU, Finnish Animation Guild, Turku Animated Film Festival, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), Aalto University, National Audiovisual Institute KAVI, and Danish ANIDOX forum. .

Image: Everyday, Sade Lahti (2020)