Applying a grant

There is few state institutes and foundations which grant financial support for individual artist or a working groups to their projects. There is variation in rules and instructions between different institutes so read them trough carefully before applying.

  • Take enough time to fill up the application
  • Please note that online application systems usually get crowded and loaded just before the deadline and they might crash.
  • Do a clear and executable work plan.
  • Explain your idea understandably – don’t hide behind fancy words
  • Make a distinct timetable
  • Application handlers read hundreds of applications – think how you can stand out and keep the application short enough
  • Make a realistic budget to your project
  • Working grant is usually meant for applicant’s normal living costs during the working period
  • Usually there is a separate object grant available which is meant to exact costs of the projects (e.g. material cost, rent of the working space, hiring separate work force etc)
  • If you applying grants from many different institutes for the same projects, think carfully to which part or cost of the project you allocate them.
  • Remember to add all necessary documents – having few too many is better than not having them at all
  • There is usually possibility attach a link to your online portfolio or to your web page
  • Visual artist should have artwork or sketches from the project attached
  • Remember to update your curriculum vitae.
  • In you CV, list only those works which are relevant or significant to the project in question
  • Ask references – reference from your fellow artist or professor are significant especially for those artist who are in the beginning of their career.
  • Ask someone, maybe a person who has had a grant
  • Don’t let the negative decision to let you down – there is thousands of applicants and negative ruling don’t mean that your project is be bad.
  • Keep developing your idea and apply again next time.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation

  • The central fund call in October
  • Regional found call in February

Arts Promotion Centre Finland -TAIKE

  • Project grants in October – for individual artist or working groups for their projects
  • Regional grants in March – for working for individual artists and working groups

Finnish Film Foundation

  • Partly ongoing call for grants, in some of the support format call 4 times a year
  • Separately supports for short films (fiction, documentary, animation), feature films and tv-series
  • Scriptwriting grant for individual applicants, development and production grants for production companies
  • International promotion/travel support for directors or other members of the film group for participating film festivals when own film is the the program


  • For media arts and movies
  • Scriptwriting grant for individual applicants, development and production grants for production companies.
  • Scholarships for courses and training, international travel support for projects which takes place abroad
  • CreaDemo, CreaMa, DigiDemo – grants for initiatives which develops media and film industry in general
  • Partly ongoing call, in some of the grants specific application times

Kone Foundation

  • To advance bold initiatives in research and the arts
  • Boldness, the crossing of boundaries and new initiatives.
  • To individual artists and working groups
  • Grant call in September