Digital membership card

Finnish Animation Guild has a digital membership card. With the card you can prove your membership, you can find all news letters from the app, as well as invoices. There will be information of membership benefits later on as well.

How to start using your association’s digital membership card:

1. Download and open the app called Gruppo ID from the app store on your phone or tablet (App Store or Google Play).
2. Click the “REGISTER” button on the start page of the Gruppo ID app.
3. A link to the registration page will be sent to your e-mail address.
4. Click the registration link in the e-mail and finalise the registration.
5. Open the Gruppo ID app that you have installed, click the “LOGIN” button, and enter the password that you created during the registration process. The app will show you your association’s electronic membership card.
Note! To register, use the same e-mail address that you normally use to receive e-mail from this association. If you use a different e-mail address in the app, the app will not recognize it, and you will not be able to register.