• 30/04/2021

Finnish Animation Guilds announce logo animation competition!

Animate our new logo and you can win money prize! Create a short proposal for an animation which Finnish Animation Guild could use in the future for it’s site, sosial media and other official communications. We are looking for proposals, so your animation doesn’t have to be final. Style and technique is free. It can be an anime style vibrant animation, an artistic experiment or homage for Music Television’s iconic logo.

Be creative!

Board of Finnish Animation Guild will select the winner from all proposals. Winner will get 400 euros compensation and a possibility to create the final animation as a commission from which Finnish Animation Guild pays separate reward.

Technical details:

Duration min  4 sec, max 10 sec.

For the proposal:

1: Visual plan which can be either:

A: Animatic / rough animation. Format: 1000×1000 pixel, mov or mp4. 25 fps.

B: Storyboardina / blueprint with still images. Images should be in square format and there should be timestamp to indicate the timing.

The proposal can be either in colors or black and white

2: Working title for the proposal and ja written description to clarify the idea/movement/technique. Min 2 words, max 200 words.

You can download the loo from here.

You can use either the logo whit image and Animaatiokilta-text, or the logo with only the image. Depending on your technique you don’t have to follow the vector style of he logo, as long as the animation ends to the official form of the logo.

Send a link to your proposal by 30.7. to info@animaatiokilta.fi. (Finnish Animation Guild has a right to extend the deadline if needed)

The financial prize of the competition is supported by Kopiosto’s collective audiovisual reimbursements.