• 20/02/2024

Finnish Animation Guild calls for work proposals / ideas from its members for an animation-themed group exhibition. From the ideas, a proposal for an exhibition ensemble is curated for The Kunsthalle Helsinki’s open call for exhibitions. The Taidehalli Foundation selects the exhibitions to be implemented for the summer of 2025.

We are looking for innovative, creative and resourceful proposals for works that highlight the many different techniques, styles and forms of animation art. The only limit is your own ingenuity and creativity! The technique and presentation of the works are free. Your work can be, for example, a work assembled from animation frames, a puppet installation, a praxinoscope, an AR animation or a moving sculpture! So the works don’t have to be traditional animated videos or video works that can be viewed on a screen, but hopefully the works would extend beyond the screens. Of course, single-channel, digital animation works are also welcome!

For the application

  • A short description of your work or idea and its spatial / technical needs
  • A few visual sketches / videos
  • Initial estimate of the budget (if possible)
  • Your own contact information

Send the information as one pdf file by Monday 11.3. by email,

The Kunsthalle will compensate the selected artist(s) in accordance with the Artists’ Association of Finland’s recommendations for exhibition fees. The exhibition will be planned as a close collaboration between the artist(s) and Kunsthalle Helsinki.  The Kunsthalle Foundation will make decisions about the selections during April 2024. Finnish Animation Guild will inform the members who sent their proposals about the decision by e-mail.

The floor plan of The Kunstahalle