International Animation Day

  • 10/10/2023

Finnish Animation Guild celebrates the International Animation Day on Saturday 28.10. in Central Library Oodi.

There will be a screening of international short animations in Aura room at the 2nd floor at 16.30.

The films seen in the screening are

Donks 6.36 min

The Pioneers 9.40 min

Director: Simon Cottee, Canada

Ohjaaja: Felix Colgrave, Australia

Meal on a plate  6.55 min

Director: Chenglin Xie, China

Morning glory 10.25 min

Director: Wang Shiheng, China

“Flute Solo” in SFUMATOSCOPE and SUBTITLES!  3.05 min

Director: Jim Middleton, United States

Mosaic 4.02 min

Director: UMBC Animation, United States

Sri Aurobindo-A New Dawn 28 min

Director : Suresh Eriyat, India

Duration of the screening 1 hour 6 minutes.

ASIFA created the International Animation Day (IAD) in 2002, honoring the birth of animation, recognized as the first public performance of projected moving images: Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, on the 28th October 1892.

The image- International Animation Day Poster byGeorges Schwizgebel.