• 23/11/2021

Finnish Animation Guild launch an Animation Mentor -program in February 2022.

An aim for the six months program is to unite Finnish animation field, support the professional identity of animation artists, to help members in their professional career and to support people to manage in their work life.

One aim is also to support and encourage the animation professionals just moved to Finland to build their artistic career in Finnish animation field.

The program is for members of Finnish Animation Guild. All members are eligible to apply, no matter if they are just graduated or already working in the industry, no matter if they are animator, director, screenwriter, producer or freelancer artist. In the first part of the program there will be 3 mentors and each of them will select one applicant which they start to mentor.

The program will start in February with an opening event. After that mentors and the person chosen will agree how often and how they will meet. There are going to be 3 to 4 meetings during the spring and summer 2022. The mentor is not obligated to travel to the meetings, but the person in the program should set the meetings according to the timetable of the mentor.

First three mentors are indebendent director and producer Tatu Pohjavirta, director of award winning short films such as Animal, Au Pair and All Tender Things, director of most successful Finnish feature animations Niko, way to the stars and Niko 2, little brother, big trouble Kari Juusonen and director of Finnish-Spanish co-production Royals Next Door and an artistic director of Pikkukala -studios, Veronica Lassenius.

Who can apply?

  • Member of Finnish Animation Guild
  • You have a degree of animation or fine arts
  • or you have work on animation industry already a while
  • You have positive attitude
  • You are goal-directed

In the application you should tell about your motivations and what you are expecting from the program. Also a short CV and motivation letter are required. You don’t need to send any visual materials.

Apply to the program by 31.12.2021.

Application form.

Each mentor will choose one person among applications.

We can not give feedback for the applicants which aren’t selected. Arguments will not be published. All applications will be deal with confidentially.

For more information, please contact

Animation mentor -program is supported by The  Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, AVEK.