Board member news

  • 02/12/2020

Finnish Animation Guilds yearly convention was held on 30.10. Due the current pandemic restrictions the meeting was held in Finnish Animation Guild Discord server.

In the convention organizations action plan and budgetary estimate was confirmed. Participant fee was agreed to remain same, 20 euro / year.

New board was also selected. Long term board member and former vice chair, Albert Laine was selected for Finnish Animation Guilds chair person for year 2021. Former chair, Elina Myllykangas will continue as board member and vice chair.

For general board members were selected Hämid Shajarian, Markus Lehtokumpu and Jouko Raudasoja. Reserve board members were selected Kristina Laine and Mika Koskinen, who will also continue as secretary of Finnish Animation Guild.

New board will start 1.1.2021.