ÄÄREEN. Selection results.

  • 07/12/2020

Ääreen. Documentary in animation -project got delightful amount of project proposals during the open call. From these very high quality applications jury selected following four proposals/groups for the next phase:

Unski Immonen and Väinö Makkonen – Metsäkansa (working title)
Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa –
Toisen Nahoissa
Harold Hejazi –
Adventures of HarriHarri
Tatu Pohjavirta, Eino Santanen and Pekka Uronen – Luonto

Jury was formed by artist Maija Blåfield, animation director Kari Juusonen, media artist Marko Tandefelt sekä special librarian Sanna Huttunen from Central Library Oodi.

Jury paid attention for the artistic aspect of the ideas, transformability, and the development potential of each project. Diversity of both applicants and the technical executions were as well one of the criteria. One important part of selection was the role of Central Library Oodi as public place and how each project utilizes the venue in question, Kuutio

Ääreen. Dokumentaarisuus animaatiossa -project will continue on 18.-20.1.and 25.-28.1.2021 with projects developing and script writing workshops.

Based on the ideas developed during January’s workshop, jury will select the final work which will presented in Kuutio, Central Library Oodi in October 2021. The production of the work will be supported by the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK, and the group that produces it will be paid a fee of 10,000 euros. Arts Promotion Centre Finland will also pay 1,000 euros for all groups attending the workshop.

Kuva: Leena Jääskeläinen, Making Art In My Dreams (in production)