Reminiscing Annecy

  • 29/04/2020

While we are in the middle of these exceptional times, it’s nice to sit down and look back to last summer and wonderful times in Annecy.

Finnish Animation Guild was represented in Annecy International Animation Film Festival ja The International Animation Film Market by our chair Elina Myllykangas. The event took place in France in 10.-15.6.2019.

The festival and the MIFA professional event is one of worlds largest and most important evet in animation field. Thousands of animation professionals as well as keen animation students get together to this little French village next to the Alps every summer. Or the use to before year 2020.

During the intense week, or week and a half there are several animation screenings, lectures, workshops, master classes, special screenings, art exhibitions, parties, award ceremonies and encounters with interesting animation professionals.

Finnish Animation Guild together with Finnanimation were one of the participants of Nordic Animation booth, which introduced Nordic animation to the world. Finnish Animation Guild was there to bring out Finnish animation professional as well as independent animation directors and animators. One way to introduce our members to foreign visitors was Member portfolio pages which we launched in our web page just before the festival.

Our members, Finnish animation industry in general and Finnish Animation Guild got lot of positive attention. Our chair was personally invited to represent Finnish animators to Disney’s and Warner Bros. guest events.

Professional masterclasses and lectures gave exceptionally good view to animation industry in Europe and in the world. In those classes long time animators and directors gave hints how to put together high-quality portfolio, how to stand out in job hunt and how to become an animation professional. 

Annecy Animation Festival is a must to many animators and we also recommend it. Especially if you have rare opportunity and get your short animation part of top-class screenings of the festival. There has been lot of discussion about the number of visitors and limits of the growth for the event during last couple of years. Events like Annecy and MIFA are still especially important for networking inside of the industry and for animators, directors and producers all over the world to meet and maybe create new collaborations. Not to mention the overall publicity of the animation field. 

These exceptional times have forced every to adapt and change they way to think and act. That goes also to festival organizers. This year’s Annecy festival has moved partly online. Hopefully this is a beginning of some new conventions and innovations but at the same time is it fair to hope that live festivals and face-to-face encounters don’t disappear entirely.